Brainstorming and Architecture

Maybe you have an idea? Something sketched on a napkin? Or now you lost the napkin? We can help. Let’s develop your idea, turning it into a new product. And we’ll help you design out the high-level system.

Component Selection

We would be happy to help you choose the right part for your hardware design, whether it’s the fastest or the cheapest. We assist with choosing components for new and existing designs, bill of materials (BOM) cleanup and BOM management.

Schematic Capture

MSX can take a specification or architecture and translate it into a design schematic for you dazzling new hardware prototype.

PCB Layout

Ready to translate your design into CAD? We handle that. Now we can manufacture a physical circuit board from your awesome design.


Let us coordinate your circuit board manufacturing needs. We can recommend and manage contract manufacturers (CMs) or guide your CM. We can even build simple prototypes in-house.

Bring-Up Testing

Whether you built the board or you had MSX handle it, we can test and optimize it to ensure their successful integration with your new prototypes.

Firmware/Software Development

We don’t stop at hardware. We can help with firmware and software on new and existing hardware.

General Hardware Consulting

Need help with a design review? Brainstorm advice? CAD conversions? Please email us to see how we can help.